What We Do


Does your internal Information Technology department have too much on its plate to give your Sales Operations team the time and attention it deserves?

Have your outside vendors become too entrenched and comfortable to be truly responsive?

Leverage the innovation and expertise of Pharmaceutical Data Services (PDS) to use data and analytics to make better informed sales decisions, which will ultimately affect your team’s productivity and profitability.

From medical devices and electronic records to medication, PDS is a trusted adviser to a wide array of pharmaceutical companies. The team of brilliant multi-disciplinary software professionals provide valuable insight to pharma partners’ data and analytics, thus opening up new avenues of sales opportunity for everyone across your entire organization.

Pharma Data Solution

Here’s some insight into the PDS approach and how it can elevate your pharma business.

Data Discovery

Our decades of experience in pharma have taught us that when it comes to providing the best insights to our pharma clients’ data, listening gives us everything we need to discover what’s important. We meet with you to discuss your challenges and goals and start to conceptualize an approach and a delivery method.

Data Planning

Based on what we heard, we create a proof-of-concept storyboard for you to review. We’ll present to you, gather your feedback, and further refine the concept. Once you are satisfied with our vision and concept, we’ll provide you with up-front and flexible pricing.

Data Analysis

Here is where the real magic happens! Our industry-leading, multi-disciplinary developers take over and start diving deeper into your data. We comb through and decode terabytes of information, which will then be transformed into your customized tools.

Data Solutions

In this final stage, the PDS team is able to deliver a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your needs. Each of our custom tools is built to your specifications complete with easy to understand graphical representations of compelling information so that you can make more informed decisions. Using key insights we strive to get you that “AHA” moment – one that can make all the difference!