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What is RxPulse Software for Pharma Sales Professionals?

RxPulse software is an indispensable tool for pharmaceutical sales reps and managers looking to streamline their business leads and accelerate growth. With RxPulse, your sales team can easily access a wealth of critical data and analytics to improve their sales processes and stay ahead of the competition.

RxPulse’s customizable dashboard provides a comprehensive view of vital metrics such as prescriber information, sales history, competitor products, call activity, incentive compensation details, and more. Our platform is built to your specifications, and we offer pre-bucketed query fields to help you quickly find the information you need.

PDS takes your client-provided data and transforms it into a user-friendly format such as graphs, charts, tables, etc., enabling your sales team to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. With unlimited functionalities and robust tools, RxPulse software empowers your team to answer any question and build any report.

Understanding RxPulse

How RxPulse can help your pharma sales team succeed

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6 – 8 Weeks of Build Time

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Custom-created dashboard based on your specs

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An unlimited number of reps on your pharma sales team can use the RxPulse software platform


PDS will onboard and educate your team on how best to leverage and maximize RxPulse Software



For any pharma sales professional calling on a doctor, the possibilities are endless! Find out how RxPulse Software can put pharma analytics and data to work for your sales team.