Custom Services


Picture this.

Like so many other industries and professions, COVID-19 left many pharmaceutical and healthcare sales reps in limbo, particularly at the onset of the pandemic. With lockdown orders in place for most of the country, salespeople were unable to meet doctors, office managers, and other medical administrators to conduct their usual business.

So many of our pharma clients were struggling. With little to no in-person meetings, how would they get their message across?

Enter the insight and services of PDS.

We used decades of industry experience to formulate ideas for how health and pharma sales teams could go about their business. Leveraging high level data and analytics we formulated special technology and tactics so that they could continue to move their sales processes forward. For example, knowing that a good part of the communication in health and pharma medical offices is handled via fax, we developed both digital fax and email solutions to improve efficiency.

Email Marketing

It is this type of innovation and leadership that sets PDS apart. We are able to take extremely complex problems for our pharmaceutical clients and formulate solutions that work.

Our reputation of stability, security, and longevity means that we won’t stop until we find a way to solve your problems.

Everything we do is out of the box and unique, just like your business!

If you have a pharmaceutical problem, we will find the appropriate solution.