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Using Data to make your Pharma Business Better

Running a successful pharmaceutical sales operation can be complicated, but with Pharmaceutical Data Services (PDS), it doesn’t have to be.

With the power of data and analytics, we create a wide range of custom solutions for the difficult issues facing the pharmaceutical industry.

Simplify your sales approach.

Simplify your sales approach.

Refine your sales messaging.

Refine your sales messaging.

Streamline your operations.

Streamline your operations.

Here’s some insight into the PDS approach and how it can elevate your pharma business.

Data Discovery

Our decades of experience in pharma have taught us that when it comes to providing the best insights to our clients’ data, listening gives us everything we need to discover what’s important.

Data Planning

Based on what we heard, we create a proof-of-concept storyboard for you to review. We’ll present to you, gather your feedback, and further refine the concept.

Data Analysis

Here is where the real magic happens! Our industry-leading, multi-disciplinary developers take over and start diving deeper into your data.

Data Solutions

In this final stage, the PDS team is able to deliver a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your needs.

The power of what we do is driven by You.

Whether it’s lead prospecting or marketing, no matter your need, we help pharma companies make better, more informed decisions across their entire organization.

While the goals for each of our clients may be different, one common denominator remains the same – our innovative, industry-leading data processing and analytical capabilities will help your pharmaceutical organization improve productivity, find straight-forward actionable solutions, and capture insights so that your sales team can exceed their potential.

Put simply, our job is to make your job easier.

To do so, we focus on maintaining our position as the foremost distributor of pharmaceutical-related sales information. Our reporting and methods of distribution are entirely customized to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Some of Our Happy Customers

Below are testimonials about PDS. We take very seriously the confidentiality of our clients and their data. If you would like information about one or more of these comments, please contact us.

I have worked with PDS for over 20 years and have seen how they have continued to innovate their business. Over the years, I have seen many data support and analytics solutions but most need large infrastructures, team of analysts and training. PDS makes pharmaceutical data easy, easy for home office employees to run daily reports and easy for the sales force to manage their business More importantly, their tools are built with input from sales professionals so it gets high usability from your most important field assets. If you need a fully custom solution, with team members that KNOW data, PDS is a perfect match. As an Ops leader they make me successful!

Working in Pharmaceutical Operations for 20+ years I can tell you PDS possesses a truly rare combination of expertise for both technical systems and pharmaceutical data that enables them to not only execute quickly & efficiently, but work as a true partner by adding value to every project they work on. Time and again the team starts with a concept, makes valuable contributions to improve the idea and delivers quality results that exceed expectations.

I have worked with PDS on a several data and analytics project, from a one-off task to PDS assuming ongoing responsibility for a portion of a larger process. I have always been impressed with their ability to rapidly identify and implement the best solution for the project or process. And their approach to engaging with the client is extremely collaborative and straightforward. I truly believe that they are working in the best interest of their client, not their own organization. I think very highly of the team, their professionalism, and their work product.

Our experience and collaboration with the PDS team has expanded over the years. In 2015, we began our partnership with PDS when a small department of 3 people handling 75+ managed care contracts, were looking for a more efficient way to store and track the terms and conditions of our contracts. The team at PDS developed a contract log which allowed us to efficiently and effectively manage our contracts. Our collaboration evolved into more in-depth analytics. The PDS team worked closely with our group to build our price protection calculation module. As anyone in the pharma industry knows, price protection can be a very simple to a very complex calculation and varies by contract. No matter how complex the terms were, the PDS team easily grasped the concepts and turned them into valid and accurate systematic calculations which allowed our team to once again find efficiencies and greater accuracy in our process as we were able to eliminate manual steps in the process.


Most recently, we partnered with PDS on another initative which enhanced our contract log/price protection module to include our Long-Term Forecast (LTF) business planning cycles which allows for a more efficient way to forecast and share the data with other functional areas of our organization. This enhancement included the ability to trend out future years, offers an upload function, created reports and streamlined the price protection component, and added in an all-important cycle/version control functionality .

The PDS team acts with a sense of urgency and professionalism and are always up for a good challenge. The team is easy to work with and are thorough and agile in their approach to our concepts. They make our day-to-day processes that much easier!!

PDS is a pleasure to work with. I have found their colleagues to be very knowledgeable about all facets of pharmaceutical data and processes. They are very responsive, but won’t put anything into place without ensuring the quality of the deliverables.