Our founder sets the tone...

It’s 1989, and Pat Destito is a wildly successful salesman for IBM, specializing in data-driven printing systems. Working every day in southern Connecticut, Pat sees an opportunity to fill a woefully underperforming niche – providing great laser printing services to the banks, telephone & pharmaceutical companies in the area.

Within 6 years, this little company, started by sheer will, kept going by pure grit, built by sweat, canny hiring, sleepless nights, and endless demands, is pulling in $6,000,000 a year. All by doing something it seemed no one else could do. Not companies our size. Not companies ten times our size. Great-looking reports, delivered accurately and on-time.

Pat uses the same determination to re-invent the company that is Pharmaceutical Data Services. He uses a great instinct for talent to recruit great data professionals to create intuitive web applications and powerful analytics tools - solutions that provide our clients with the insights depend on to make human resource, sales, and marketing decisions.

PDS will not rest until you are satisfied with the custom solution we build for you. No games, no drama, just 100% satisfaction.